Driving everyone away is a permanent process

  A logical person would think that sometime during a massive recession, the worst ever to hit the United States would look at the faults of the past. Here we have New York with practically begging television commercials asking business to open over there or move over there. It’s like moving away from an apartment […]

Is a U.S. Attack Getting Closer or is it a Scare Tactic

While I have a personal opinion, here at Chaoticness we really don’t get into the conspiracy theory end of it although very tempting sometimes as there are just one too many coincidences that really make no sense. For example, actually believing that the recent beheading video is in fact authentic after our government telling us it […]

ISIS clothing being sold in local shops in Turkey

ISIS Clothing being sold everywhere

According to some Twitter and other social media accounts, ISIS clothing is being sold openly in local Turkey shops as shown here. A large majority of ISIS clothing is being sold online, which Facebook has put a recent end to. T-shirts, hoodies, and other ISIS-branded items, including toy figurines, are being marketed across various social […]


Is It Possible to Protect and Serve Anymore?

Many of us grew up the normal America with the normal American dream with the hopes of becoming a police officer which was supposed to be a noble typical middle class job. In fact many families have kept law enforcement in the family generation after generation. While yes the risk of getting killed while on duty […]


Weird social apartment selling attracts 50k applications

In the recent weeks a new concept in non other then Chelsea in NYC is doing sort of a controlled apartment sales with a few buildings in the area. According to the article this is a sort of lottery and I would agree if the property really became yours but there is a huge deal […]

wholefoods farm

Is Whole Foods Doomed?

Moving forward it is just a pure fact that most of these smaller companies are getting destroyed by the monster companies out there. One of the biggest fights today going on besides property rights is food. Worldwide citizens are being attacked by genetically modified foods and especially in the case of United States, where Whole […]


Disney the long term agenda machine keeps on rolling

It’s strange how things change so rapidly and its scary to think about owning such a wonderful company and upon death what the other executives will do to it. Surely contrary to popular belief Disney was a conservative man and Disney for the most part was a conservative values company, most notably in the pro […]


Why are hedge funds holding onto properties instead of selling them now

The housing bust has pretty much shot its load for the meantime, will there be another round of foreclosures moving forward? It is quite possible but nothing like what happened previously. In fact much of the buyers have been foreign with cash continually making America a rental society. So many Americans have been so traumatized […]


Will new BRICS internet system be a bad thing for America

In the recent months Brazil has announced the upcoming plans for the new BRICS internet system. A system that would essentially be separate from the current system that is shared worldwide. There are several reasons for the upcoming change starting with the development of the new currency system that will challenge and have a massive […]


A Strange Thought for Citizens Moving Forward

There comes a day when citizens are no longer a necessity, no longer a viable part of the corporate structure that was mistakenly built around us, yes that big corporate that funded each election, that corporate that brought us common core, that corporate that dictates whether or not to allow 3rd world illegals because it may help […]


Women Told That Laughing is Not Acceptable Behavior

As if things weren’t screwy enough between 3 impending wars going on, an increasingly crazed rational for open illegal borders in the USA and now according to Turkish Prime minister that women should not laugh in public. According to Reuters this morning the article states Some people criticise me by picking up only a part of an […]


When Free Speech Goes Away What Will Happen Moving Forward

I’d be surprised to know that many of you have not heard the news from Senator Ted Cruz stating there is a bill currently that will essentially take away free speech a few weeks ago, if you didn’t here the video below outlines exactly the bill and exactly what is going on at this moment in time. […]