Possible coming USA scenarios in the near term

Blood continues to boil in western Europe, the American borders are wide open as it seems with no signs of slowing down, not to mention a what seems like tremendous increase in over stays and asylums. Certain states are being filled with illegal immigrants in both western Europe and America which is the start of a […]

Corporate efforts of dumbing down citizenry is making Mcdonalds lines much slower

Well it looks like the grand efforts of big corporate special interest of dumbing down students, citizens and whoever else they can try to make stupid along the way is actually working. Not only are big box retail doing wonderfully, but McDonalds lines are moving at turtle speed. Have you recently been through a McDonalds […]


When Free Speech Goes Away What Will Happen Moving Forward

I’d be surprised to know that many of you have not heard the news from Senator Ted Cruz stating there is a bill currently that will essentially take away free speech a few weeks ago, if you didn’t here the video below outlines exactly the bill and exactly what is going on at this moment in time. […]


Why Americans and the West were the losers of globalization

Lot’s of people right now are saying what do you mean, it was great for the company I work for and it increased corporate sales by millions. Yes, around 20% of the people will argue this because 15 to 20% of the American people work for large big box companies that actually did benefit from […]


Crash or Not Real Estate Will Sustain and Here is Why

There has been mixed write ups on the U.S real estate markets as of late and for the past couple years actually. While the markets are artificially propelled and the interest rates are staying at all time lows this time around is different. Write ups state the markets will collapse and we are in another […]

Millions Adjust to Poverty While Youth Are Born Into It

Each and everyday a new story comes around with the lady down the street who has suddenly gotten laid off, or millions of prime aged men out of work currently or the American man being discriminated against in his home town because of the million plus immigrants that are working his job for pennies on […]


Redistiribution of States is in Effect

As we recently wrote in another article regarding the what we feel is the demise of NY and how people are flocking to other states, mostly Florida. After further research we find that this is not going in just NY, but we find that people are now once again finding their roots, they are looking […]


Will Civil War begin Soon in Western Europe

As we sit and watch all the news about Russia and Ukraine and as we sit and get clobbered with labels of being racist while the so called “Multi Culturalism” movement continues to move forward strong completely taking over certain countries and by the time people are standing up it is too late for many to regain […]


Who Can You Count on Today in a Jam or in an Emergency

There have been so many recent events where nobody stands up for their neighbor, nobody stands up for their friends. In an accident people film instead of help, there just seems to be no more loyalty. Growing up in NY and hanging out in some of the tougher areas as a kid, if we happened […]

Propaganda heading

Alternative Media Screwing Up Agenda Based Propoganda and Possible Plans Moving Forward

This week the State Department’s John Kerry has spoken about the problems of foreign ran media and alternative media that it is detrimental to the citizens of the United States. Specifically spoke about Russia’s RT media and how it should be ignored, that it was a “propaganda bullhorn.”  It is becoming obvious that alternative media is […]