Heartbleed and Brute Force Attacks Originating from Where?

We wrote an earlier article in regards to our thoughts on the origination of Brute force and how it was being pinned on some North African group. In fact we found it hilarious to say the least that they pinned this on some tiny hacker group based in Tunisia. How did we know? We run […]


Property rights, Future earth, Housing bubble all Beginning to Connect

Property rights has been coming out allot more often lately as it seems the attack is under way now much more than it was. Mind you the housing crisis now makes sense to me but I could be wrong and it could just be very coincidental that the massive hedge funds are buying up all […]


Humans Losing Intelligence to Other Species with Less Distractions

As the planet evolves  this particular time around is different. This time rather then getting more intelligent we are becoming more stupid and lacking far behind on the intelligence scale. We are losing our primitive survival nature and in effect we lose our skills that will help us get through. Instead what we are doing […]

The Future of a Sick World if GMO’s Continue

Although slightly on the pessimistic side when it comes to getting anything in the citizens favor approved against the never seemingly never ending corrupt corporatism that plagues this country and since the USA in favor of corporatism is no longer the leading power, we should say around the globe. A few things going on as […]


Was it Feminsm or Male Desperation that Leaves U.S. where it is Today?

This country the USA  is in deep trouble and there are many theories as to why it is in trouble some of which being the people that have voted so terribly wrong to vote in such anti US, anti middle class agendas for two terms in a row, following a superiorly failed Eurozone. Next being the fact […]


What Happened to Egyptian Cotton and Why Do Sheets Suck So Bad Now?

One thing at our house is whether tight for money or business is great we always love to have the finest sheets to curl into at night. You know, the sheets that have that cool feel to the body and that amazing super soft material that can only come from real Egyptian cotton. My, things […]


Certain States Hanging on By a Thread of Tourism

By now if you are not living completely in a cloud you would know or see the changes that have destroyed many of the states in this great country. There is no slowing taking place or even caring of this complete destruction of the middle class, small business and everyone in between. States are falling […]


When Does the Truth Come out on The Malaysian Flight 370

We weren’t going to report on this as it was just another plane crash, mind you a plane crash outside of the USA with few U.S. citizens on board. Not to mention every mass media news center doing reports after reports and basically creating a mockery of what’s even left of the mainstream news media. […]


Is the End of Times Close, Will We All Die?

Had you asked me the question 5 or more years ago if the end is near, I would have thought immediately that was crazy, that a theory like this is highly doubtful even if you bring up Nostradamus or pieces of Revelations, I still would not have believed it. However, if you asked me the […]

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Kill, Kill, Kill the White Man?

In the recent last couple years I remember watching Americas Got Talent and seeing Howard Stern make his liberal leftist rant against Romney at which point I realized that the bulk of these shows are owned by the Apollo Global Group and have nothing more than an agenda to spread amongst the youth and the massive […]


Palestinians Fire at Least 60 Rockets At Southern Israel

Breaking news comes in that Palestinians fired over 60 rockets into Israel early this afternoon. Sirens went off alarming local residents of the blasts. Palestinians in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip launched at least 60 rockets at Israeli population centers around 5 p.m. local time Wednesday, triggering sirens across the country’s Gaza envelop and deepening worries […]