Pound Hits Low Against The Dollar

Minimum Wages are Likely to have Substantial Decreases in the Future

Those of you that read this website will know that much of what we base the American future economy on is that of what is already out there in certain developing countries in South America. I recently did a post of landlords needing a guarantor to lease an apartment coming soon or the constant decay […]


Rents are rising and guarantors will be needed to secure rentals

People and companies that have invested in real estate are certainly seeing a nice return at this time. Perhaps in certain areas equity is not building as fast as other areas but one thing for sure is that rents are rising nationwide. In fact rents have gone up at least 25% in the last 2 […]


At what point will Canada seal it’s borders to stop U.S. citizens from entering

The two north American countries continually have major disagreements with the far left views of the current U.S. government. Canada will have little to do with that moving forward. The most recent incident is that of the Keystone pipeline. Despite the fact that the Keystone Pipeline will create massive amounts of jobs for the American […]


The Killing of Gaddafi and Ongoing Coalition Between Libya and Italy

Col. Muammar Gaddafi  as we all know was found by the NTC and while they claimed he was killed in a firefight,  videos that quickly surfaced all over the internet showed the truth. We were told that NATO forces bombed the cars that were fleeing and both Gaddafi and his son were able to hide […]


Protecting Americans from Ebola, Really?

If anything was ever chaotic or has the ability to become chaotic, Ebola certainly is high up on that list. I wholeheartedly blame this government for not sealing off west Africa to begin with as they had the power to do. This Ebola has the power to shrink the population drastically with an over 90% […]


The Bias and Censorship of the City-Data Forum

City-Data a supposedly well known United States forum is actually no different from that of CNN or any of the other bias news media outlets or worse, they are actually a forum that is while domain info states IL, people routinely say it is based in Korea. This can be one of several things, it could […]


American Coal Plants Shut Down for Global Warming

Yes the hypocrisy of a global warming agenda continues to roll on through. The EPA shutting down trucking companies, the EPA shutting down coal plants all in the name of global warming. The thing is that they don’t just shut these plants down although to many it sure seems as if that is exactly what […]


When will they ban Apple Pie

Some might take longer than others to see what’s really going on. Some might think these are all coincidences and some might think they are inside of a bad dream that it cannot be true but the reality of the matter is that if not true, something very strange is going on but we think […]


Driving everyone away is a permanent process

  A logical person would think that sometime during a massive recession, the worst ever to hit the United States would look at the faults of the past. Here we have New York with practically begging television commercials asking business to open over there or move over there. It’s like moving away from an apartment […]

Is a U.S. Attack Getting Closer or is it a Scare Tactic

While I have a personal opinion, here at Chaoticness we really don’t get into the conspiracy theory end of it although very tempting sometimes as there are just one too many coincidences that really make no sense. For example, actually believing that the recent beheading video is in fact authentic after our government telling us it […]

ISIS clothing being sold in local shops in Turkey

ISIS Clothing being sold everywhere

According to some Twitter and other social media accounts, ISIS clothing is being sold openly in local Turkey shops as shown here. A large majority of ISIS clothing is being sold online, which Facebook has put a recent end to. T-shirts, hoodies, and other ISIS-branded items, including toy figurines, are being marketed across various social […]


Is It Possible to Protect and Serve Anymore?

Many of us grew up the normal America with the normal American dream with the hopes of becoming a police officer which was supposed to be a noble typical middle class job. In fact many families have kept law enforcement in the family generation after generation. While yes the risk of getting killed while on duty […]


Will new BRICS internet system be a bad thing for America

In the recent months Brazil has announced the upcoming plans for the new BRICS internet system. A system that would essentially be separate from the current system that is shared worldwide. There are several reasons for the upcoming change starting with the development of the new currency system that will challenge and have a massive […]


A Strange Thought for Citizens Moving Forward

There comes a day when citizens are no longer a necessity, no longer a viable part of the corporate structure that was mistakenly built around us, yes that big corporate that funded each election, that corporate that brought us common core, that corporate that dictates whether or not to allow 3rd world illegals because it may help […]