One Possible Reason for Mass Surveillance Against Civilians

Everyone is stuck on the government spying on our every phone call, all of our e-mails and our private lives. Basically the bottom line is most people don’t like it and want it to stop. People have come to the conclusion that this is nothing more than mass surveillance against the citizenry in order to […]


The 4 Free Gifts You Should Get Instantly if you Vote While at the Polls

Vaseline has to be number one because no matter who’s side you are on, no matter who you are or what country you are from, you are getting screwed and the Vaseline will help lubricate the pain away. Earmuffs are a very close second so that when you see that a presidential speech is coming […]

milliebordercollieshotin neck

Do Canine Lives Matter? Another Country Singers Dog Shot by Cops

Makes you wonder if the cop was angry the dog didn’t die. Most of the time when they shoot these dogs it lands straight into the brain and kills them or in the chest area which makes them bleed out. In the case of Millie, a sweet dog owned by country singer Alison Lewis thankfully […]

bassethound shot and killed

Jacksonville Dog Shot and Killed after off Duty Cop Gets His Gun

Yet another dog gets shot by a cop and the story like most others does not add up. The off duty Sergeant claims he slipped in the loose dirt and the puppy lunged at him so he put a pullet straight into his brain. Watch this video and see if you too believe the story behind the […]


Was he smoking a Joint on Hells Kitchen?

So last night we are watching the semi finals of the famous Hells Kitchen, I must admit I am a long time viewer of the show and enjoy it since. Last night we are sitting there watching the latest semi final episode of Hells Kitchen and towards the end when they are deciding who they […]

Chinese labor camps

We Knew They Would Somehow get Around the Minimum Wage Requirement

Once again my fellow American friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, we have been handed the short stick on this absolute insane minimum wage that has been spewed around for the several last years. Don’t get me wrong, I am not for minimum wage hikes at all. We wrote articles on the fact that it couldn’t be […]


The Worst Kitchen Garbage Bag Ever Made by Glad

Normally I get burned once by a corporate giant like Glad but never twice until once again the fantastic marketing Glad uses for this particular kitchen garbage bag called ForceFlex. I am here to tell you that this bag was most likely a massive mistake by Glad and they had no choice but to market […]

similac baby formula

Baby Formula Company Abbott Agrees to add Non GMO Baby Formula Lines

So the people have spoken and raised hell enough to get a response from Abbott. The people have spoken through social media awareness and exploded once they found out that two of the most popular baby formulas were tainted with GMO ingredients. Isn’t it amazing that a whole ton of people must crack the hidden […]


Extreme Weather Conditions Worldwide Before Hurricane Season Begins

According to the National Hurricane Center the season begins on June first through November 30th. In the past week we have seen chaotic weather situations in the following areas. This is apart from the tornados and highly unusual count of earthquakes going on nationwide, the following weather we are listing is somewhat apocalyptic. On May […]


Internet Sucks Badly After Net Neutrality Get’s Through

If you are a student, the first thing you will have noticed is the Sakai system stopped working, went slow and timed out mid semester. However since we are dealing with the big boys and girls over at Acedemia, it was quickly fixed up and back to working. Thing is now all the other programs […]

house in islip

Watching the West Fall Slowly but Surely is Painfull

Each and everyday we read more news, much of it propaganda and lies, especially from the fake mainstream media but also much of it very real. Even if its not news, just looking around and seeing the surroundings and the decay of what was once great rapidly becoming a disaster. Going back to visit a vibrant […]


Forced Adoptions Creating Frantic Migration

Recently as Government expands its mighty powers, the latest scare affecting thousands of pregnant girls is the “forced adoption” thing going on as shown in the letter below. On June 3, a 17-year-old Staffordshire girl, living with her parents and seven months pregnant, was horrified to receive a letter which began: “Dear Corrinne, I am the […]


Black Bears Chase Tourists at Yellowstone National Bridge

LOS ANGELES — A family of black bears are seen chasing tourists in a video captured at Yellowstone National Park. The wild animals had some people running for safety, while others calmly snapped photos. The mother black bear and her three cubs unexpectedly appeared on a bridge, which was lined with sightseers earlier this week. […]

Source: Miamiherald

Man Who Shot Miami Beach Cop Bonds Out of Jail

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A man accused of shooting a North Miami Beach police officer during an identity theft sting walked out of jail overnight. Elton Bandoo was fit with a GPS ankle monitor and transported by officers to a relative’s home, where he must stay under house arrest. Miami-Dade County Judge Jason Bloch […]

dc Collector

The War on Women by Women is Alive and Well

Always hearing the absolute rhetoric of the war on woman referring to everything men do against women. Anything from unfair wages, to unfair ladder climbing at work and you name it the sick will think it. One thing they forget to mention is how nasty and evil women are with one another. Not only is […]

german shepard killed by cops Photo:NJ.com

Leave the Dogs Inside, the Dog Killers are Out

Yet again, another beautiful dog was shot and killed by a cop that was not even supposed to be in the yard. it was a call of a possible burglary from a neighbor across the street. The New Jersey cop arrived and entered the wrong yard and quickly shot the 5 year old family dog […]


Collapse Will Cause Self Deportation and Migration with Locals

As the American empire moves closer to third world status due to miserable consistent policy in order to continue the global alliance that has destroyed the U.S. slowly from day one and all its inhabitants. For some it just may take longer than others for the full effect to get a hold of their bank […]


Go Hastings Customer Service Failure

Since we do several articles on customer service experiences in this time of massive change in society as well as human nature. We wanted to advise of the customer service fail and nature of Gohastings [dot] com at this time. We will talk about the positive as well as the huge negative and the reason we […]

Preparing the Patriots for Future Blame in History

While the radical left continues to accuse patriots or conservatives for being racist and labeling them as anti government, it would appear as though they are doing the prep work for history twenty or thirty years down the road. Think about it, people will dig up all the history that has been saved on the internet, the […]


Homeless Rates are Surging in Ireland with Record Home Repossessions

The Irish Times reporting that record home repossessions are exceeding each month and with that the homeless rate increases more than ever. Ireland is desperate for a similar deal to get away from the absolute psychotic agenda that plagues the entire west at this time. Immigration surges and banks want possession of the homes in […]


The Rise of Anti-Globalization in Europe

  Recently in the news France has a new front runner and its not among the far right only as the media will tell you. Like the United States is desperate right now for leadership that will stop immigration, stop multiculturalism and stop the chaos that comes across our borders day in and day out […]