Europe is now rising against the multi culturalism that was forced upon them

The game of western destruction, just like all the other games these social democrats are throwing at the west are being called out. The last election in the United proved so and as of yet the elected have not done anything to stop this incineration of the America built with assimilating America loving immigrants in […]


Exposing the Horrendous Actions of the Recently Sold Smithfield Ham

It wasn’t too many years ago that Smithfield ham would agree to sell out to a Chinese company.  I knew about Smithfield ham, not only for their ham products all over the country but several years ago I had a job in an area that Smithfield ham was located. It wasn’t this exposed location but the […]


The Internet Control Grab in Motion

Has mainstream media renamed themselves entertainment media? I mean it is like a long movie in itself watching them spew the stink of internet security breaking. I mean how convenient does it get, just a few weeks a new net neutrality plan comes to life and begins to get questioned with a big opposition and rightfully so. […]


Unintended consequences with Plumeting Oil Prices

Most American people are actually enjoying the lower prices when fueling up at the pump, however they are not seeing the big consequences that will arise from this temporary lowering of fuel prices. What we really need to ask ourselves is why, why suddenly this obscene drop in oil prices. Is it because our leadership […]


18 Trillion and Moving, Where does it End

Just a few weeks ago, priced paid at the pump have gone down significantly enough to notice a change that has not occurred in the entire last 5 years. So those of you that say it is a supply and demand thing that oil is dropping now because people are not heating yet and supply […]


Incentives and Job Growth for Illegal Immigrants During a Recession

Have you recently been looking for a job? Are you an American of any color and notice it has been taking much longer to even get an interview. If so the following could be hurting your chances even more moving forward. With the ever increasingly racist or anti American sentiment moving forward it is less […]


A Move to Nationalize the Police Force

Riots are growing everywhere for racial reasons, almost as if the leadership is trying to take us back in a time machine when race was really an issue. The new rules and cameras imposed on all police departments will call for the resignation of many. This will soon after become the move that nationalizes the […]


Super Low Lying Chem Trails Hitting Orlando, Fl

Orlando, Florida was hit with super low chem trails as recent as last week. The strange incident happened just hours after a tornado plowed through Orange and Osceola counties from the Disney area to the International Drive area as far as John Young parkways. Here is a clear photo of the unusually rare incident. Chem normally […]


The Great Divider has Spoken and the Riots Begin

Why would a president even get involved in such an event? Knowing that all this will do is create more divide. Why get involved? So it does create more division and that’s it, there can be no other reason what so ever. Are the looters part of an agenda for more division in this country […]

brazilian hospital

The Life and Death with Socialized Medicine

She was around 48 years old a Brazilian citizen that went in for surgery on removing a piece of her liver. The surgery was complete and everything was fine, until a week or so later she felt sick, she went into the hospital and the same doctor that performed the surgery opened her up and […]


The Decay and Scheme of Rayban Luxottica Customer Service

It was only a decade ago that Rayban Luxottica group customer service was excellent. A person could have a factory defect or a premature problem with the sunglasses and give them a call, send them in and get a replacement or get them repaired for free. Which is understandably correct given the fact that a […]


Nockout Game Death on Video and Man Gets 4 Years Only

Talk about harsh sentencing, the man in this video killing dead the man he hits for no apparent reason is sentenced to only 4 and a half years. That’s right 4 lousy years for  a killing like this out in the open in clear view of the camera. The crime takes place in England and […]


The plans of Mega Regions are in effect, where will you live?

These days every time you turn around if it is not a crippling government policy, it is some dot org that is calling the shots for your future. Normally this would be laughable but the problem here is who is behind these massive dot org’s with unlimited funding and support from certain sides of the […]


Coincidences of Ebola and Black Death aka Bubonic Plague

While the two diseases are different in several ways, the massively coincidental part is the fact of the timing, the possibilities, the similarity in death rates where black death took aprox 7 days to kill and Ebola takes a couple weeks with also a high percentage kill rate, and how it wiped out two thirds […]


Will ISIS Make it through Turkey to the Bridge to Europe?

It’s been quiet suddenly on the ISIS front with all the Ebola news coming out, it just gets stranger and stranger before the November elections. Everyone is talking about the Islamic caliphate and the takeover of the Arab states in the region. However what’s strange to me is no on, not one newsman or anyone […]

Pound Hits Low Against The Dollar

Minimum Wages are Likely to have Substantial Decreases in the Future

Those of you that read this website will know that much of what we base the American future economy on is that of what is already out there in certain developing countries in South America. I recently did a post of landlords needing a guarantor to lease an apartment coming soon or the constant decay […]


At what point will Canada seal it’s borders to stop U.S. citizens from entering

The two north American countries continually have major disagreements with the far left views of the current U.S. government. Canada will have little to do with that moving forward. The most recent incident is that of the Keystone pipeline. Despite the fact that the Keystone Pipeline will create massive amounts of jobs for the American […]


The Killing of Gaddafi and Ongoing Coalition Between Libya and Italy

Col. Muammar Gaddafi  as we all know was found by the NTC and while they claimed he was killed in a firefight,  videos that quickly surfaced all over the internet showed the truth. We were told that NATO forces bombed the cars that were fleeing and both Gaddafi and his son were able to hide […]